Who is Maryland Energy ?

Maryland Energy® is part of the SouthStar Energy Services® multistate family of energy companies

Maryland Energy is part of SouthStar Energy Services®. SouthStar is owned by Southern Company GasTM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO). SouthStar also operates in Georgia as Georgia Natural Gas®, in Ohio as Ohio Natural GasSM, in Pennsylvania as Pennsylvania EnergySM, in Florida as Florida Natural Gas®, in Michigan as Grand Rapids Energy®, and in other parts of the Southeast as SouthStar Energy Services. SouthStar’s subsidiaries in Illinois operate as Illinois EnergySM and Illinois Energy SolutionsSM.

SouthStar serves more than half a million customers

SouthStar Energy Services combines the expertise and assets of a national supplier with the local market knowledge of a regional provider and has the financial and structural resources needed to provide reliable and cost-effective natural gas.

For more than 20 years, SouthStar has built on the expertise of its parent company, Southern Company Gas. A history of solid financial performance and stability, as well as sophisticated in-house financial trading and risk management, has placed SouthStar in a position of leadership.

Maryland Energy is an important part of SouthStar's family of companies.